Rules and Regulations

USE OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS (Revised 8-3-09)(Revised 2-10-14)

A) The Board of Education is eager for the people of the community to use the buildings of the school system for educational purposes. To extend this privilege to the citizens of Sapulpa, the Board finds it necessary to ask that some regulations be observed. A charge may be made for the use of the buildings by persons or organizations not connected with the public schools. The fees will be used to help defray the expenses involving heat, light, and extra custodial services. The fee schedule is in Policy 604.1.

B) Private Individuals or non-profit groups renting the school facilities may be required to post a deposit in addition to the rental fee when contract is signed for custodian, stage crew, or cafeteria personnel to be used. Large gatherings may be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance.

C) It is an established policy of the Board of Education that no dances be permitted on school property other than those sponsored by the school.

D) Groups desiring to use the cafeteria must pay the facility fee and custodial fee. A school cafeteria employee must be present any time the kitchen facilities are used. Banquets are served and priced by the plate.

E) All parties who wish to rent Sapulpa Public School facilities and are not affiliated with Sapulpa Public Schools are required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement prior to use of the facility or property.

RENTAL REGULATIONS (Revised 8-3-09) 

The rental of auditoriums and gymnasiums shall be in accordance with the following regulations:

A) The use of the buildings must be in keeping with the general program of education. Political meetings which are open to the public are considered to be within the general program of public education.

B) Groups using the buildings must be personally supervised by a sufficient number of adult sponsors to insure orderly use of the buildings and equipment.

C) In order to comply with the requirements of the State Health Department, no smoking will be permitted in the building.

D) Moving and adjusting scenery, securing lighting effects, operating the public address system, and similar matters will be handled by the school official or custodian in charge.

E) No nails or screws may be placed in the scenery, fixtures, floors or walls except by the school official or custodian in charge.

F) All properties not belonging to the school system are to be removed after the last performance or the following day.

G) No writing of names or other mutilation of walls or scenery will be permitted. The sponsor in charge will be held responsible in such cases.

H) No open flames are allowed in the buildings.

I) A contract will be signed with each rental.

J) School facilities will not be rented to organizations or groups for longer than three (3) consecutive days nor for specific days each week for longer than four (4) weeks in a row. Reservations are to be made at least 10 days prior to the date of the event. A gap of three weeks is required between four week reservations. Exceptions may be made in the case of civic affairs related to the health and safety of the community or because of other unusual circumstances.